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Why you should register?

  • How often have you lost reports or have not received them?
  • How often have you missed important findings when visiting a specialist or staying in hospital in order to be able to establish a reliable diagnosis?
  • How often have unnecessarily expensive examinations been carried out several times just because your findings were missing?
  • Imagine that you are unconscious due to a car accident, for example, do not have any vital documents with you and have no way of pointing out your allergies!

  • These are just a few examples of why we have developed

    The principle of

  • With your consent, it is possible for all doctors who see you to be able to see your health records
  • In the event of an accident, the emergency doctor and paramedic can take vital measures to keep you alive
  • In any tragic situation, it is possible to review your health record for allergies, asthma, and implants
  • The medication you have listed can also contribute to a targeted rescue measure
  • In the event of unconsciousness, registered relatives or friends can be notified.

    In the digitized age

    The healthcare system cannot avoid digitization either. We are at least firmly convinced that not only makes a vital contribution in many respects, but is also sustainable for the environment.
    How many tons of paper are needed for reports in Germany alone every year?
    Due to the findings uploaded on site, NO paper is required anymore!

    What does offer

  • All findings uploaded by the doctor can be viewed
  • Allergies, implants, medication, clinical pictures, vaccination status and degree of disability are listed
  • All personal doctors are provided with addresses and telephone numbers
  • All data for the health insurance company can be called up
  • Contact with family and friends is mandatory